I enjoy being raw.

Multidisciplinarity was always my propelling motion since the beginning of my life. To everything. Although most of my works are analog — since interacting with materials is what moves me the most in the creative process — I also develop work in the field of multimedia. My artistic expression is based on a constant openness to experiences and to what I feel at the moment. I'm always trying new resources.

Imperfection is dazzling. I see beauty in the genuine expression: the irregular and unpredictable process and result as a final instance. It's an organic attribute which I insist on preserving. It's easy for me to have a glimpse of possibilities in everything — and I feed myself from that infinity of results that vary according to all conditions. Ever since I was a child, I've always been interested in manipulating materials and working with everything I could create, from start to finish, with my own hands. This eager to be self-sufficient still translates into my art today. I insist on executing every steps of my work, as well as the installations. Our expression as an artist must be conceptualized and materialized by us, from the beginning to the last touch of the execution: it's like calligraphy.

Within a dialogue between life and death, I explore defragmenting my own existence into pieces of art, sound or words — either as a spirit or as a body. I prioritize impressions from intuition and self-awareness. To and fro instigating narratives that address perspectives on living in society: relationships and connections. Synthesizing the world in my observations and rereadings, reconstructing it differently in each new opportunity.

My goal is to create a work that results in a smaller ecological footprint. Throughout my life, the concern with sustainability became even more present — the accelerated extortion of resources and the unreasonable generation of garbage on the planet — guiding my choice to work, above all, with leftovers and secondhand materials. The idea of ​​producing content by generating even more waste has always been a big dilemma to me. Art isn't above nature, at all. There's a meaningful presence in working with secondhand materials. The process of retelling is very challenging as well as valuable: deconstructing, re-signifying and creating a story originated by several other stories.

Sustainability started to be a premise to my work.

I'm currently manifesting my language as an artist through textile material: soon more about it on the TEXTILE page. CLICK HERE if you want to be notified about that.

I keep a weekly writing project (every Sunday) that can be followed on the WRITING page.

If my manifesto resonates with you, feel free to contact me. I'm eagering for great collabs! CLICK HERE for requesting partnerships/content created on demand.

* I'm NOT on Linkedin nor Facebook. Only Instagram: (@psykloz).

- CV -


- Artigo publicado na 7a Conferência Internacional de Ilustração e Animação CONFIA 2019: "A Estética da Figura Humana no Desenhar e Ilustrar Contemporâneo: A Linha Divisória Entre a Realidade e a Imaginação."
2019 - Viana do Castelo, Portugal

(Published article at 7th International Conference on Illustration & Animation CONFIA 2019: "The Aesthetics of the Human Figure in Contemporary Drawing and Illustrating: The Dividing Line Between Reality and Imagination.")



b. 1990, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil — emigrant since 2016

(Bachelor's Degree in Plastic Arts and Multimedia​ - 3 years)
Instituto Politécnico de Beja
2016 / 2019 - Beja, Portugal

(Architecture and Engineering Course in Rome: Past, Present, Future)
Università Roma Tre
May 2010 - Rome, Italy

(Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and Urbanism - 5 years)
Centro Universitário Dinâmica das Cataratas
2008 / 2013 - Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil




2019 - Instalação: "Mon(s)tra em Execução"
Casa da Cultura, Câmara Municipal de Beja ​

2019 - Ambiente Imersivo Multimédia: "Take Me Home"

2016 - Postais de Natal
Biblioteca IPBeja


2018 - Ilustrações — [Intermedia]
Galeria AoLado, Beja

2018 - Instalação e Vídeo: "Simbiose" — [Conexões Múltiplas]
Galeria dos Escudeiros, Câmara Municipal de Beja

2017 - Painel: "aBOUTaLENTEJO" — [Alentejo Criativo]
ANJE, Évora

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