"TAKE ME HOME" (2019) — Immersive Installation
An installation totally submerged in fog and blue light, creating an environment that is immersive and atmospheric, which seeks the representation of a parallel and ethereal world. It highlights existential issues through sensory perceptions: smells, sounds, textures, fog and light. The observers laid down inside a child cradle, barely fitting their bodies, wearing headphones and listening to a spoken work, similar to a guided meditation but more expressive, as a trigger to a self-knowledge trip within themselves. Internal monologues should happen.

The work intends to place the observers within a context with childhood references and impressions, where they will seek to look at themselves in the present moment in contrast to the innocence and the purity of having just arrived in the world.

The experience also awakens the analysis of questions such as: age and time; life and death; and beginning and end as being cyclical, in addition to representing the constant search for human beings to feel welcomed, comfortable and familiar with themselves and with the spaces (inside and outside).

- Concept, design, execution, text and authorial audio (with voice and collage of sounds in rereading) by Jessica Azeredo
- Exhibitions: Jan16, Jan23, Jan28 and Jan31, 2019 - Beja, Portugal
- Audio link:

"MON(S)TRA EM EXECUÇÃO" (2019) — Textile Installation
The work is an installation of a biomorphic abstraction, representing a monster created (and growing) through textile consumerism. It emerges through the dialogue between sustainability and over consumerism and criticizes fast-fashion — which is the rampant consumption of fashion industry.

The title has a double meaning in Portuguese, referring to a) the creation of a monster: "monstra", and b) the information seen in the shops storefronts around Portugal: "Montra em Execução" — which means "Storefront in process", as "montra" means "storefront".

The purpose was to create a sustainable art using mainly textile material — second-hand clothes and waste — to foster the viewer's awareness of the reality of the environmental impact generated by this industry, bringing reflection on the topic of pollution. The message is about EXCESS, strangulation and suffocation through a living and growing organism always following the same axis: fast fashion > consumerism > discarding clothes > textile waste > environmental pollution.

- Concept, design, collecting and execution by Jessica Azeredo
- Exhibition: Jun26, 2019 — The work was installed and exhibited at Casa da Cultura (Beja City Council, Portugal)

"SYMBIOSIS" (2018) — Multimedia Installation
The visitor finds a black cube 1x1x1m with a single hole to view its interior. Inside, a videoart is displayed behind a large vase with a natural plant where it grows integrated and entangled with the hands (which are also planted representing the growth from the land/nature). The body as organic and natural.

It's about balance. Mostly, the integration and interaction between human and vegetative nature. The importance of emphasizing symbiosis — coexistence between different species and lives in order to keep the natural balance without creating an advantage of one over another. Just as life and death are complementary we are a part of a whole. Each one has its importance, correlating themselves within the ecosystem.

- Concept, design, execution and video by Jessica Azeredo
- Exhibition: 2018 — Galeria dos Escudeiros (Beja, Portugal) jessica dias azeredo gonçalves jessazeredo azeredojess takeavegan allphosphenes kameleontti jess_dag psykloz jessidaz jess_cure