"IT REMAINS, WHILST WE CEASE FROM BEING" (2019) — Digital Illustration
Triptych: The beginning. The process. The end.

Premise: What do you think about when you start hearing the rain?
— When I hear the rain coming down, I'm thrilled by its constancy. I think about the fact that even before we came into the world, the rain was already wetting the soil. The same rain is present and will do when we'll no longer be here.

Video production representing 5 dichotomies:

1. ORDER | CHAOS - (Ordem e caos)
2. NOISE | SILENCE - (Barulho e silêncio)
3. EMPTY | FULL - (Vazio e cheio)
4. MOVEMENT | INERTIA - (Movimento e inércia)
5. PEACE | CONFLICT - (Paz e conflito)

My proposal was to work with fragments of everyday life, not only comparing dichotomies, but creating a strong relationship between them.

- Concept, execution, pre and post production by Jessica Azeredo
- Shot in Lisbon and Beja, Portugal - April 2017

"CROWHUMMINGBIRDS" (2020) — Digital Illustration
Crows and hummingbirds in an almost duality of personalities.
From the inside out.

"GROUPING" (2020) — Videoart
We go everywhere meeting people, always ending up meeting the same person, with the same prototype established centuries ago. We are a conventional pattern, an organic mass that shapes itself — somethings merging with the surroundings, sometimes distinguishing from them. The human variation is finite and as a rule there is always a line that connects the whole world called "popular trend".

Submerged in the same totality, so natural is the need to group together and the electromagnetic force which, by atoms, unites everything from here. We are this turmoil of cells that ends up always finding the same radial configuration — from micro to macro scale. Grouped together, we fall into the repetitive process of speech by the repulsively automatic, mimetic, hasty and impulsive system, where in most situations it serves as an escape from an unacceptably cultural silence. In some cases, added to the urgency of having your presence noticed by the incisive method of noise and / or ego satisfaction in defining format.

- Authorial soundtrack: E16.33 | jessica dias azeredo gonçalves jessazeredo azeredojess takeavegan allphosphenes kameleontti jess_dag psykloz jessidaz jess_cure